Asian Erotic Short Stories

Tantalizing Asian-flavored Erotic Tales

Couch Sur-fling

“Here, you’ll sleep here,” she said, pointing to the lone couch sitting against a bare wall in a narrow living room of a second-floor apartment. 

“It’s a small apartment, hope you don’t mind,” she said in slightly Cantonese-inflected English. “I stay here with my sister only, but she is in Shenzhen, and I don’t know when she will be back. But it should be okay.” 

It’s small, true enough, like what many people say about apartments in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, when I decided I wanted to explore not just tourist attractions here, but have a more intimate experience of the life of the locals, I thought that couch-surfing in an apartment here would be a good idea. Turned out to be so, as it jolted me out of my preconceptions, whatever they might have been. I am not complaining about the living condition. It was a clean and well-maintained apartment, no broken doors or furniture and all that. It was just that the small size of the apartment in reality was quite sobering at that moment, when I stepped in to take a look.

I had found this apartment from a website where people offered living spaces for a modest fee, which represented a significant saving from paying for hotel rooms. It suited solo travelers like me who would be spend most of my waking hours out in the streets anyway. The thing that stood out and made me choose this particular place was a line that the owner, a lady, wrote on the ad she posted up: “I am offering accommodation as a way to make friends. NO SEXUAL SERVICES OFFERED.” That got me pretty interested. I half expected my application to put up here to be refused because I’m a male, but to my surprise, I was accepted.

The lady showing me around the apartment was a petite young lady who looked no older than twenty-five. She had a cute pixie face completed by a short haircut that did not extend far beyond the bottom of her ear. She was dressed in a blouse and a skirt that cut off midway down her thighs, obviously going to work after settling me down. Though she was undeniably good-looking, she seemed quite an ordinary girl with no outstanding features other than her dimpled smile. “No sexual services offered”. The line kept running through my mind as I looked at her.

“This is a simple neighborhood, nothing special. If you’re hungry, you can go to the café across the street. The shopping areas and Central are just about twenty minutes’ from here by mini-bus,” she introduced.

“Okay, looks like an all-right neighborhood to me,” I said as I scanned around the area from the window. 

“There is a convenience store over there,” she leaned slightly out the window standing next to me, her shoulder brushing against my arm, and pointed to a shop to the right. 

“Seven-Eleven?” I asked.

“Not really. They don’t sell condoms.”


I spent all my daylight hours that day exploring as many places as I could cover on foot, snapping frivolously away with my workhorse digital camera. I would wear myself out trying to capture good shots of the street scenes and architecture, stop at eateries that caught my fancy for a bite and a drink, and continue my tour on foot. I ventured so far from my apartment that I was not able to find my way back and had to hop onto a taxi to get home.


When I opened the door with the key I was entrusted with in the morning, I saw her sitting on the floor with what looked like a can of beer in her hand, watching television with her back leaning against the couch I was supposed to sleep on. She seemed relaxed and slightly tired. She turned her head lazily to me and smiled.

“Hey, hope you don’t mind me watching TV in your ‘bedroom’,” she jested.

“No problem,” I said as I sat down on the couch beside her. “What’s interesting on TV?” 

“You understand Cantonese?”

“Yeah, I do. I speak it with my family.”

“Cool! Why didn’t you say so? I could’ve talked to you in Cantonese.”

“You didn’t ask,” I laughed.

“Duh,” she said in mock resignation. “What did you do the whole day? You had dinner?”

“Let me take a shower first, and I’ll tell you all about it later.”


When I got out of the bathroom a few steps away from the couch, I noticed that she had brought out a fan and set it near the wall next to the window.

“It’s really hot tonight,” she offered without waiting for me to ask. “You can use this one tonight. I have air-con in the room.” 

“Okay, thanks,” I replied as I reclaimed my seat beside her. 

When I was ready to talk about my day, I leaned forward wanting to get her attention when she started pinching the neck of her plunging pink cotton singlet to fan herself. I saw, to my surprise, that she wasn’t wearing a bra; I could see her light-colored nipples every time she pulled the neckline outwards. She was not voluptuous, given her small frame, but her breasts were firm and her nipples perky. Needless to say, my dick stood up, as if trying to get out of my shorts to get a piece of the action. 

Suddenly, she turned around, looking as if she wanted to say something before she halted. That caught me off-guard. 

“You’re not wearing underwear?” she asked matter-of-factly. 

“Huh? How did you…”

At this, I felt something touch the tip of my penis. Her index finger was pressing gently on my erection, rubbing lightly in a small circular motion.

“This,” answering the question I didn’t finish asking.

“What did you see?” she asked as she smiled impishly at me.

“I thought you wrote a ‘no sex’ restriction on your ad?” I tried to clarify while enjoy the horny sensation as she continued to rub my penis.

“What?” she said with a querying look. “I didn’t know anything about that…”

Then, she began to roll up one of the legs of the shorts to fish my stiff cock out and grabbed my shaft with her soft hand, rubbing it up and down gently along the length. I leaned back against the couch and closed my eyes to enjoy her masturbating me. After a few seconds, I felt something wet and warm on my penis. As I looked down at her again, she had already put as much of my cock into her mouth as she could take, and began sucking it slowly and gently. I was elated, and leaned back again to enjoy the unexpected blowjob.

After she got tired of performing the blowjob, I helped her up to the couch and held her body close to me as she took a seat. I ran by left hand over her right breast as I kissed her lips, and proceeded to reach for her naked breast by slipping from under her singlet. After I peeled the singlet off her body from over her head, she sat up straight and looked at me, as if studying me. Once again, I hugged her waist with my right arm and cupped her breast with my left, and started running my lips on her face and down her neck. Eventually, my tongue was exploring her erect nipples.

As I laid her down on the couch, her head resting on the arm rest, I worked my way down her body. I pulled down her tiny black sports shorts to reveal a girlish, light pink panties, which I proceeded to pull down along with her shorts. She closed her eyes and turned her head to one side, heaving, as I exposed her trimmed pussy, which appeared almost shaved. I threw her shorts and panties onto the floor, and ran my fingers along her vagina, which was wet by then. She purred softly in ecstasy. I then adjusted my position to where I could reach my head down comfortably to land my tongue on her clitoris. Then I let her have it.

For the duration of my licking of her pussy, she moaned and groaned rather loudly and her body twisted to cope with the sensation coursing through her body. I did not let up my frenetic licking even when she sounding like she was crying. I knew she was enjoy the heck out of this, so I gave her more.

Finally, my jaw was tired from all the licking, and she was panting heavily as if she just finished the marathon. Once I took off every piece of clothing I had on me, I spread her legs apart and held them up and I re-positioned myself. The intense anticipation was overwhelming as I rubbed the tip of my penis on her wet vagina. I tried to slip it in, but found that I could not insert it fully at one go. She was tight. She must have been a virgin at that point. I slowly insert a little before pulling out again, and repeated this a few times until I could slip my entire length inside her vagina. Then I moved in a slowly but steadily rhythmic fashion. Her moans began again. 

The sensation of my naked penis rubbing against the slippery walls of her vagina was incredible, and at many points I felt as if I was going to blow my load. Every time this happened, I pulled out to let the feeling ebb a little while we changed position.

I didn’t know how long we fucked, but we sure engaged in many positions. She rode me with her back facing me while she watch television, which we did not turn off; she stood bent near the window while I fucked her from behind, but decided not to do that after a few minutes when we realized that people could see her in action from the window.

Just for the fun of it, we assumed the same position, but this time at the apartment door. The fact that people passing by outside could hear her throes of pleasure got us both even more excited.

I couldn’t remember how long we went on, until we proceeded to her bedroom, the only on in the apartment, where she climbed onto the edge of her bed and assumed the doggy position. I stood on the floor behind her and inserted again. After minutes of intense fucking in this position, I finally felt myself coming. I pulled out quickly and shot a huge load of sperm onto her ass. I purged the last drop of my sperm and rubbed the head of my penis to wipe it clean before I entered her again to try and bring her to orgasm. A few minutes later, she let out a cry and gestured me to stop.

Both of us laid on the bed, heaving and panting from the intense activity. Soon after cleaning up, we fell asleep together on the bed.


I was awoken by the noise of vehicles and people on the street as well as the sunlight that shot through the window. It was then that I remembered we were just on the second floor. I rolled over the bed groggily wanting to hug the girl I had sex with last night, but when I slumped my arm outwards, I couldn’t feel anyone there. My eyes shot open, and I sprang up.

“Where is she?” I thought to myself. I didn’t bother to scan around the room as it was small enough not to be able to obscure anyone. I jumped out of bed, still naked, and opened the room door. I stood there stark naked and stared at an empty room The door of the equally small bathroom was open and I could see very clearly there was no one inside. 

She was gone, just like that. I wasn’t even drunk last night. How did she leave the house without even waking me up?

After I peed in the toilet, I dragged my tired and naked body back into the room when the apartment door suddenly burst open. I was startled and jumped onto the bed and grabbed the blanket to cover my nudity.

A figure walked in quickly and slammed the door behind her, and walked into the room. The figure jerked to a stop at the door.

It was a lady not much bigger or taller than the girl last night, but she had straight, long hair with blue highlights that ran down her shoulders untied. She was in a light blue long-sleeved blouse and short black skirt, another example of a white-collar worker. She had a familiar pixie look that resembled the girl last night, except she did not have dimples, and her eyes were slightly bigger, as far as I could tell. Both of them looked ordinary enough, but somehow, this one had a more seductive aura.

“You… you must be John?” she ventured.

“Er… yeah, nice to meet you…” I replied awkwardly.

“You were supposed to be sleeping on the couch, not on my bed. That was our arrangement,” she said as she looked back and forth at the couch outside.

“Yeah… But I can explain,” I said. Then I stopped. “Sorry to be asking, but who might you be?”

“Me?” she asked back, slightly incredulously. “I’m the owner of this apartment!”

“Ms. Chow?” I gasped. “I thought Ms. Chow was here yesterday. She let me in and gave me the key in the morning.”

“The girl with the short hair?”

I nodded.

“That was my sister. We share this apartment, but she’s now working in Shenzhen, and comes homely only once in a while.” 

“What? But…” I tried again.

“I know, I know. We’re both Ms. Chow. We’re both not married,” she offered. These two somehow had the ability to read minds.

“Shit…” I muttered, embarrassed at the whole situation.

“You’re naked,” she continued.

“Was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

 “Means you had sex?”

 I tried my best to avoid answering this one, but she nodded anyway, which indicated that she understood everything.

“I was surprised too,” I explained. “I mean, I saw the line on your ad that said ‘no sexual services offered’. But last night, she took the initiative to…”

“Oh, that was written by me,” she interjected again. “I put up that ad months ago, just right after I broke up with my boyfriend. I was pissed off at that time and didn’t feel like I wanted to have sex anymore. As in ever again. Come to think of it, it has really been many months since I last had sex…” She acted as if she was talking to herself.

She started to unbutton her blouse, and within seconds she tore it off her body and stood there in her white lacy strapless bra.

“I think I should leave you alone,” I said as I inched away from the bed, holding on to the blanket covering my erected rod.

“It’s okay,” she replied sanguinely without looking at me. She then climbed onto her bed beside me.

“Care to give a tired girl a massage? I had been out with my girlfriends all night.

Man, I still have another three nights to go in this apartment.